1. Building and modernizing the track structure:
  • building new tracks and turnouts;
  • modernization of existing sectors of railway lines (sidings) - replacement of the track structure combined with modernization of the track geometry layout;
  • modernization of geometry system of the rail coupling - replacement of turnouts and track crossings;
  • building and modernization of railway/road crossings.
2.Running repairs and maintenance of the track structure:
  • mechanical cleaning of the breakstone ballast;
  • mechanical track and turnout tamping with plane and profile regulation;
  • replacement of individual elements of the track structure;
  • corrections of fixing quality of the track structure elements;
  • running repairs and maintenance of railway/road crossings;
3.Building and modernization of the subgrade:
  • building of the subgrade of the new built sections of the railway lines and sidings;
  • modernization of the subgrade of existing railway lines sections and sidings and in particular.
4.Building and modernization of dewatering system of the subgrade:
  • building new and modernization of existing dewatering lines (ground ditches, protected ditches, drainages, drain collectors, collectors);
  • reconstruction and reinforcement of the slopes.

5.Full range of earthwork (embankments, excavations)

6.Running repairs and maintenance as well as periodical inspection of buildings of the railway infrastructure



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