Emergency – repair, installation – demounting activities on failed and defected vessels and other hydro – technical equipment. Technical control and check for operation status of underwater equipment. Courses for underwater welding and cutting.

 1. Implementation of technical control, video recording and remedy of troubles on the underwater part of vessels, other surface and underwater equipment.
 2. Underwater cutting and welding of metals. Installation – demounting activity.
 3. Make, repair, replacement, installation or demounting of hydro – gates and other equipment under water in pumping stations.
 4. Repair and remedy of breakdowns and troubles in hydro – gates, suction and drain collectors of dams, Thermoelectric power station and other water – engineering works.
 5. Unique recovery of the seats of hydro – gates in water towers of damps without drainage of the latter /technology protected by patent/.

 Implemented repair, installation – demounting operations and remedy of breakdowns under underwater conditions:
  - Đepair of hydro – gates of damps Tsonevo and Ticha;
  - Liquidation of the ships “Superga”, “Rila“, “A. Kanchev” and “Aurelia”;
  - Removal of water – pressure barriers of Nuclear Power Plant “Kozloduy”;
  - Repair and replacement of hydro – gates of pumping stations of “NEFTOHIM” – Burgas, and “Cement plant” – Devnya;


 For the implementation of underwater – technical repair activity, the necessary equipment has been present /Techno Sub, Komics etc./ and a team of professional divers for remedy of breakdown situations;