Emergency remedy of ship leakages
  Non – abrasive ultrasound processing
  Recovery and processing of gear wheels and crown wheels
  Recovery of geometrical dimensions of oversized shafts
  Recovery vibration shaft (camshafts)- Plasser
  Recovery of worn out discharge ducts of cast iron pumps
  Recovery of worn out surfaces on cast iron pumps cases
  Recovery of bearing seats and journals without heating
  Recovery of carbonized cylindric surfaces
  Recovery of segment jaws
  Recovery of stamps
  Recovery babbitt bushes
  Recovery of chain (steel 110G13) – Plasser ballast undercutting/cleaning mashine
  Recovery of plow and roll clamp – ballast regulator Plasser
  Åxternal cylindrical grinding of hydraulic – cylinder – after repair
  Exothermal underwater cutting
  Exothermal cutting and drilling. Emergency - rescue
  Welding of railway switch elements
  Welding of cast iron blocks and foundations of ships
  Welding of cast iron and aluminium cylinder heads
  Protection of surfaces with special stell sheet against abrasive wear
  Protective cladding of decanter centrifuges - Alfa Laval
  Protective cladding of teeth
  Protective cladding of tamping tools
  Protective cladding and surfaced welding of hammers for crushers and mills
  Protective cladding and surfaced welding of stamps and matrices
  Protective cladding and surfaced welding of pump case for sand extraction
  Surfaced welding of oversized copper details
  Surfaced welding of oversized band wheels
  Surfaced welding and welding of details of steel 110G13
  Surfaced welding of layers liable to heat treatment
  On – site processing of bearing journals of oversized details
  On – site processing of broken cracked and surface – welded teeth
  Processing of stamps without grinding
  Processing of holes with portable line boring machine tool
  Plasma and gas – thermal spraying
  Underwater welding
  Semi automatic surfaced welding of flat surfaces
  Semi automatic surfaced welding of rotor details
  Preventive surfaced welding of hammers for milling systems ÀÒÌ
  Repair and welding of defects and cracks on hydraulic cylinders
  Repair of closing cylinders for tamping units Plasser
  Repair of oversized rotors for crushers
  Repair of gear – boxes
  Repair of tamping units – Plasser and Matisa
  Repair of stabilizing units – Plasser DGS
  Repair with metal plastics
  Repair of jaws crushers
  Change of tungsten carbide plates of decanter centrifuges Alfa Laval
  Thermal straightening of details
  Technology for repair of hydro – gates of dams
  Chroma – plating
  Carbonize and thermal treatment